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If I Can't bring my Dog, I'm not Going Clutch in Yellow

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Declare your canine priorities with this functional and cute clutch! 💛 🐕

👜🐶 "If I Can't Bring My Dog, I'm Not Going" Yellow Clutch 🌟🐾

🌞🐕 Get ready to make a bold statement with our bright yellow clutch, showcasing the fearless phrase, "If I can't bring my dog, I'm not going"! 🎉🐾 This clutch is not just a fashion accessory; it's an embodiment of your love for your furry best friend and your passion for life's adventures!

🐶 Zip Closure, Secure Style: With a reliable zip closure, this clutch keeps your belongings safe and your dog-loving spirit secure as you embark on every journey! 🚀🔐

🌱 Vegan Saffiano Patterned Leather: Step out in style with a clutch made from vegan saffiano patterned leather, a luxurious touch of cruelty-free fashion that even Prada would approve! 🌿💼

⚫ Stylish & Classy Black Lining: The bold yellow exterior is matched with a chic black lining, adding a touch of sophistication to your "dog-ready" style! 🖤👜

🛍️ Small Pocket for Extra Convenience: Inside, you'll find a small pocket that's perfect for holding your dog's treats, a cute pic, or any little treasures you want to carry along! 🐶📸

🌟 Wherever I Go, My Pup Comes Too: This clutch is a testament to your unwavering love for your four-legged companion – they're more than a pet; they're family! ❤️🐾

🎉 Embrace Your Adventurous Spirit: Whether you're off to a dog-friendly park, a beachside escape, or a doggy playdate, let this clutch be your badge of honor, celebrating your wanderlust and puppy love! 🌅🐾

🌈 Make a Statement & Spread the Love: This clutch is not just a fashion statement; it's an invitation to embrace your dog-loving soul and share your passion with the world! 🌟🐶 It's the perfect gift for dog enthusiasts and adventure buddies alike! 🎁🌈

So, are you ready to walk the path of fearless fashion and puppy love with our "If I Can't Bring My Dog, I'm Not Going" Yellow Clutch? 🎉🐕 Let it be a symbol of your boundless love for your canine companion and a promise to cherish every adventure together! 🌞🚀 Grab your clutch, head out with your pup by your side, and let the world know that wherever you go, your furry friend is part of the journey! 🐶🌍 

Additional Information: 

  • Zip closure
  • Vegan saffiano patterned leather (invented by Prada!)
  • Black lining
  • Small Pocket inside

  One size
Width, in 9.53
Height, in 5.91
Handle length, in 6.69


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