Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner
Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner
Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner
Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner
Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner
Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner
Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner
Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner

Compass Book • Goal-Jumpstart Planner

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A journey is a powerful metaphor for reaching your goals. Just as a traveler needs a compass or map to navigate through unknown territory, a person pursuing their dreams needs a guide to help them stay on track.

Enter Compass Book • Your 3-Month Motivational Goal-Jumpstart Planner; your personal guide and travel companion to reaching your goals. 🗺️💪

Picture this: just like a brave explorer needs a trusty compass or map to navigate uncharted territories, you too need a guide to help you steer through the crazy adventure called life!

This 3-Month Motivational Planner is your ultimate compass, equipped with all the tools and inspiration you need to conquer your dreams like a ferocious lion stalking its prey! Rawr!

Oh, it's not your ordinary goal-setting nonsense! Nope, nope, nope! This planner is your one-way ticket to a clear path of success! 

Let's talk accountability, baby! With the Compass Book  Motivational Goal Planner, you'll be more responsible than a babysitter on caffeine. It's like having a drill sergeant yelling, "Get in line, soldier!" – but in a fun and motivational way, of course! 😉

And hey, it's not just about the destination; it's about enjoying the journey too! With mood trackers and habit trackers, you can monitor your progress like a detective solving a case. Sherlock would be proud!


  • Goal-Getting Process Pages
  • 3 Month Undated Planner
  • Monthly + Weekly Planning Pages
  • 5.5" x 8.5"
  • 20 Lined Pages in the Back
  • Mood Trackers
  • Habit Trackers
  • Shopping Lists
  • and more!

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    compass book
    Goal Guidance in your Pocket

    Achieve the life of your dreams with your Compass Book Goal Planner.

    More than just your average planner with vague places for scribbling goals that get forgotten, Compass Book guides you through the Goal Getting process from beginning to end.

    More importantly, Compass Book supports you along the way. Your Compass Book will consistently recharge you with fresh motivation and guidance, helping you reach your goals quickly and happily.

    How it Works

    Create your Plan

    After a thorough analysis of your life that helps you clearly identify highly impactful goals, you are guided through the process of creating a powerful and flexible plan to achieve them.

    Stay the Course

    Your Compass Book will keep you both organized and motivated along your journey. With your flexible plan, you'll have no fear of detours or delays, and keep moving steadily forward.

    Reach Your Goals

    Ta da! Your steady progress pays off, and you reach your goals more quickly and happily than ever before. Reach your goals and watch the life of your dreams unfold.

    What's Inside?

    The Process

    The first portion of the Compass Book guides you through analyzing your life, identifying your goals, and creating a flexible and powerful plan to reach them.

    The Planner

    Stay organized with 3 months of monthly and weekly planning pages, beautiful mood trackers, habit tracking, shopping lists, and a wealth of unlined pages in the back for notes.

    The Fun Stuff

    That's right. Fun is an important part of all adventures. Coloring pages, word searches, and other activities included to help you unwind and recharge.

    compass book
    Your Goal-Getting Companion

    Where will yours take you?

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